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Core Audio Mac Mini vs Mojo Audio Mac Mini


First, thank you for giving me the opportunity to evaluate and compare your Kaia power supply to the Joule III I purchased from Mojo Audio. Both packages, I must admit, are excellent performers and both sound very good. That said, The Kaia with copper Mac Mini configuration was a clear winner, albeit a bit more expensive than the Mojo offering, but the sound was cleaner, more dynamic, and more open with your Kaia in place. Ultimately I was just more involved in the music when the  Kaia was in play.

I did a few different comparisons. Because it was easier to compare apples to apples, I started by swapping the  Kaia and Joule III with the Mojo mac mini using the internal filter in Ben’s Mini. Initially I felt that in this configuration both power supplies were very similar with the Mojo Mini being a bit smoother here and the  Kaia being cleaner, but with a bit of an edge to the sound. After speaking with you I was informed that you discontinued the internal filtering because it evidently slowed the transient response of your power supply, whatever the case, I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Upon your request I removed the internal filter and replaced it with your level 3 internal wiring harness and DC cables. It seems that you both use the same connector pinout so I was able to test both power supplies with your filter and DC cable. Your DC cables were a significant sonic improvement over having the internal filter in the chassis. Everything bloomed and blossomed with both power supplies. So much so that the IPF will be permanently removed from my mac mini.

But what about comparison at this juncture? Once again, same DC cables and internal wiring, but swapping back and forth on different power supplies. I should mention that both power supplies were plugged in with a decent power cable into the wall, no power conditioning used. The Core Audio Kaia, again, provided a more coherent and dynamic picture of the music. It just sounded more real and engaging. The Mojo Joule III sounded the best it has ever sounded, really quite excellent. But the Kaia on the Mac Mini is the keeper, it was quieter and more engaging, which allowed me to get more lost in my music. Neither supply was fatiguing, both were incredibly organic and a substantial upgrade for my mac mini. Honestly, a customer can’t go wrong with either choice, but I preferred the Kaia package by a significant margin. I’ll get back to you once I compare your shielded mac mini to the unshielded mojo mini. I think that too will just take things to another level. I will update you in a few weeks after some more listening. Thanks so much!”


core audio swapped out IPF2 for new internal wiring review

“Ryan, I would like to thank you and your techs for the fast service. My Mac mini,arrived at Core 1pm Thursday and I got it back today. After a minute of music from an ice cold Mac mini I noticed an incredibly vibrant, bold and detailed sound. It is like a veil has been removed. I am curious about how much better it will be after a couple weeks.
Congratulations for the improvements you have engineered into the mini server.” — Customer Feedback

Highly recommend the core audio mac mini!

It has been a month now that I have had the Mac mini upgraded by Core Audio Technology with the Kaia power supply. Every thing promised has happened. There is a much blacker background, more resolution and more of the music is being revealed. The most important benefit of this expenditure is the fun factor. Being an audio junkie is not cheap, so it is so nice to have that return on your investment make listening to your favorite tunes really enjoyable.My only music source is my Mac mini server and the sound that it produces is the best bang for the buck out there.In the last couple of weeks the music has been sounding less involving than before, so I started trying to figure out why. There are always changes when equipment breaks in, but this was going the wrong direction. I started playing around with the up sampling on my SOtM dac/ preamp to the point where I was using no up sampling at all, and I got the realism back. I was very happy with the sound. The same day I get on Core Audio’s website and find out that not only has a problem been discovered in regards to the Kaia and the Internal filters, but there are fixes that are said to make it sound much better. In fact there are several upgrade options.

Someone has been very busy.

I am excited about knowing that this great sounding server can easily be improved.

I highly recommend these products by Core Audio Technology.

-Greg B

“Hooked up the katana last night on my CDP and wow, I was impressed! I thought my system was quiet prior, but lowered the noise level another notch or so. Also sounded very analogue with a very relaxing presentation. Space around instruments was greater. May have to order another cord.” — Customer Feedback

“I received the the Kratos. OMG, what a difference. I am very happy. An upgrade to the original no doubt. Speaking of that, How much will it cost to buy the original I have?” — Customer Feedback

“The Katana AC Power Cable is simply AMAZING!  The best power cord I’ve ever used and much better than any of my $700 to $1,000 power cords.  I’m hearing fantastic Pace, Timing & Rhythm.  Incredible Bass, across all bass frequencies.  It sounds great with all genres of music.  A very analog like sound; at times the Katana Power Cable has me believing I’m listening to my $15K analog turntable and tube phono stage.  The sound is a total transformation of my PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, in fact I’m so happy with the Katana Power Cable, you’ll notice I just placed an order for an additional two Katanas.”

“Even before “burn in” this set up sounds better than anything I currently own and anything I use to own. You are really on to something.” — Customer Feedback